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Team Moto......Shogun honda moss st slacks creek.....

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i did Q-Ride at Pro-Honda in rocklea, and now i get 10% of everything in the store.  and so far they seem to be a very proffesional store. so if thats near you i would suggest you go check it out


That's just not nice rod, you know i'm sensitive about that..


--- Quote from: "AdamRR" ---For what it's worth, I have publicly written off just about every bike shop in nerang ( only after personal experience mind you ) but the Team Moto/Gold Coast Yamaha guys are pretty cool. They did drop the ball on me with something minor, but for the most part, they're ok. Richie is a legend.

--- End quote ---
legend thats kind you got to pay for the rear yet eg freight & fit that will cost at least $30 haha


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